Dorothy Delong

Type of Services: Web Design

Tools: Adobe XD

From a self-made Facebook page to a professional Web Design to elevate Dorothy Delong Photography to take international bookings.

HiFi Wireframe and a single-page portfolio Web Design for Dorothy Delong to acquire a more established brand, gain exposure and promote her brand online beyond the word-of-mouth bookings allowing her to charge more and make more money.

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Project Scope

Feminist photographer Dorothy DeLong approached me to craft a high-fidelity wireframe and a stunning single-page portfolio web design. The goal? Empowering her online presence, attracting magazine and museum collaborations, and securing future event opportunities. Together, we’ll showcase her remarkable work and open doors to new creative horizons.

The Project's Goals

Dorothy Delong is a very talented photographer who attends several national and international events showcasing women’s power in a very unique and candid style focused on feminism. She originally was only using a Facebook page to share her work, however, as she has been becoming more popular and in demand, she needed a more professional platform to share with galleries and magazines and increase her exposure.

I have created a one-page website design to showcase her work and add more photos as her portfolio continues to grow. It includes her artist’s statement, a photo of herself, an image gallery, and a contact section for interested parties to get in touch with her.

The Design Process

Design Research

After a productive and insightful meeting with Dorothy Delong, we took the time to establish her goals and gather essential materials for her project. She graciously provided us with her captivating logo, exceptional photography files that beautifully showcase her artistic vision, a thought-provoking artist’s statement that truly captures her creative essence, an inspirational quote that reflects her artistic philosophy, and even shared her active social media platforms. With these valuable resources in hand, we are equipped to create a compelling and comprehensive experience that showcases Dorothy’s unique artistic talent.

Wireframe Sketch

To bring the website layout to life, I first sketched it on paper. The header boasts simplicity, featuring her distinctive logo, name, and neatly-arranged navigation links. Just below, I placed a captivating image she adores, accompanied by a thought-provoking quote to serve as a captivating introduction. A dedicated section showcases a stunning image gallery, proudly displaying her remarkable work. Moving along the page, we find the About section, complete with a candid photo of Dorothy herself and a heartfelt artist’s statement. And finally, to ensure seamless connectivity, I added a Contact section which includes links to her social media channels and contact information.

paper wireframe for dorothy delong web desiner surrey hyperlink web

Digital Wireframes

I have dedicatedly crafted a digital wireframe in Adobe XD, with Dorothy’s goals as my guiding principle. By incorporating text and strategically employing image placeholders, I am able to fine-tune the optimal spacing for each section. Since this is a preliminary design, I have refrained from incorporating colors and pictures until further development.

wireframe version 1 web design surrey studio hyperlink web creative

Low Fidelity Comp

Following my initial revision with the client, she requested the inclusion of two additional pictures in her portfolio. To enhance the user’s understanding of the website’s purpose, I proposed positioning the About section immediately after the hero image. This would serve as an introduction, motivating users to explore the subsequent section: her captivating portfolio gallery.

wireframe version 1 web design surrey studio hyperlink web creative

Implementation 2

Color Scheme and Typography

We are discussing an exceptional individual, who, through her photographic work, embodies the spirit of remarkable women worldwide. To align with her modern, feminist style, I carefully selected a color scheme that harmonizes with her persona. For the primary brand color, I opted for a vibrant magenta to exude boldness. To complement this, I chose a contrasting plum purple and a light silver, creating an air of accomplishment and skillfulness.

I incorporated the selected color, Magenta pink (#f900e7), into the logo design to seamlessly integrate it with the overall color scheme. To add a touch of uniqueness, wildness, curiosity, and artistic soul to her brand, I chose the font Elsie for the display text. Alongside her logo, I placed Dorothy Delong’s name in Elsie font as her page title. For the body text, I opted for the font Prompt, which gives a refined and clean aesthetic, adding an edgy appeal.

In summary, this revised content improves the writing quality while preserving the original meaning, optimizing word choice, structure, readability, and eloquence.

Revision 2

For this step, I’ve incorporated colours and typography to enhance the visibility and cohesiveness of the content. This ensures a better overall viewing experience while retaining the original information.

comcard version 2 by web designer surrey hyperlink web

Hi-Fidelity Comp

I have successfully incorporated the images and logo provided by Dorothy. The social media icons are perfectly aligned with the colour scheme of her logo, allowing users to easily identify her brand, follow her, and reach out to inquire about her services.

Final Design

final design by surrey web designer hyperlink web creative for dorothy delong photography


When I was designing Dorothy’s website on Adobe XD, my utmost focus was on creating well-defined and highly organized sections with abundant white space. This deliberate approach allowed every element of the website to breathe, bringing a sense of clarity and sophistication to the overall design.

One of my primary goals was to ensure that all the compelling content seamlessly fit onto a single page, accentuating Dorothy’s breathtaking image gallery. By carefully curating the layout and selecting the right balance of imagery and text, I aimed to create an immersive visual experience for visitors.

In addition, I provided Dorothy with comprehensive guidance on how she can effortlessly update her portfolio as it continues to evolve and expand over time. This empowering feature allows her to showcase her latest work and achievements, ensuring that her website always reflects her talent and professionalism.

By meticulously considering every detail and incorporating these thoughtful design choices, I strived to deliver a website that embodies Dorothy’s unique style and captivates her audience.


We provided Dorothy Delong Photography with a stunning one-page website that serves as a professional platform to showcase her work across various social media and online channels. The website has helped elevate her professional presence, enabling her to attract the attention of magazines and museums for potential collaborations and exhibitions. Impressed with our skills, she has decided to engage our services to code and maintain her website.

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