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Sit Conmigo

Type of Services: Web Design

Tools: Adobe XD

Sit Conmigo, a renowned chair company, reached out to me to develop a cutting-edge global e-commerce website that showcases their exceptional products and facilitates pre-orders. The resulting design seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes, catering to the demands of today’s discerning consumers.

The true advantage of Responsive Web Design lies in its ability to embrace the vast mobile user base, encompassing the majority of users. This inclusivity empowers potential customers, ultimately driving sales and bolstering the company’s revenue.

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Responsive Web Design

Building Your Website

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Project Scope

I commissioned by Yolanda Lopez, the CEO, designer, and proprietor of Sit Conmigo chair company, to develop an elegant, mobile-first single-page website that showcases her exquisite products and simplifies chair pre-ordering.

The Project's Goals

With meticulous curation, I crafted a visually appealing and well-organized one-page showcase. Discover Sit Conmigo’s stunning chair gallery, capturing the essence of Yolanda Lopez’s master craftsmanship and the distinctive vision that sets her chairs apart. Detailed insights await, revealing the unique mission that underlies each exquisite creation.

The Web Design Process

Design Research

In my initial client meetings, I prefer utilizing a comprehensive questionnaire as one of my preferred approaches. This enables me to gain a profound understanding of their objectives and requirements while establishing a strong foundation for open and continuous communication right from the start. By closely collaborating and leveraging this invaluable information, we can align our efforts towards achieving our shared goals. This data empowers me to create a robust wireframe that serves as the cornerstone for their exceptional website design.

Wireframe Sketch

wireframe sample by web designers in surrey bc

Digital Wireframes

During the transformation phase, I meticulously converted each paper wireframe into its digital counterpart using the versatile tool, Adobe XD. With precision, I tailored the designs for optimal performance across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. At this initial stage, the wireframes showcase a minimalistic aesthetic, intentionally devoid of logos, icons, colors, typefaces, and images. This intentional approach allows me to focus solely on establishing the website’s layout, ensuring flawless alignment of its elements.

To evaluate the spatial requirements for each section, I seamlessly integrated Sit Conmigo’s captivating text into the wireframes. In doing so, I gained invaluable insight into how each component interacts within the overall structure. Additionally, to foster a warm ambiance that cultivates a strong connection between the company and its customers, I tastefully incorporated Yolanda’s insightful quotes into both the hero image and contact section. The ultimate goal is to evoke a sense of trust and loyalty among the visitors, setting the stage for meaningful connections and engagements.

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Color Scheme

To align with Yolanda’s eco-friendly, ethical, casual, and bright brand style, I deliberately selected vibrant and contrasting colors. My objective was to infuse her brand with a creative edge while preserving an approachable and inviting essence.

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The fonts I’ve selected embody a unique combination of artistry, elegance, boldness, creativity, and playfulness. To best represent our brand, the page title features the Georgia bold font, which infuses a modern sophistication. For headings and navigation, Allura has been chosen, imparting an artistic and inviting atmosphere. When considering body text, Tahoma is an excellent choice. This clean and legible sans-serif font ensures effortless readability for all users, including those with accessibility needs.

typescale sample by web designer surrey hyperlink web showing fonts for the design

Digital Comps

final digital compcards multidivice by surrey web designer hyperlink web

Embarking on this project with my client, we both understood the importance of creating an exceptionally friendly experience for our cherished customers. With meticulous attention to detail, I seamlessly integrated design elements into my digital compositions, balancing vibrant and soothing colors as backgrounds that perfectly complement the website’s layout across all devices.

First and foremost, the page title proudly showcases the company logo alongside the name. The navigation links gracefully adorn the right side of the header, while mobile and tablet users are greeted with a convenient hamburger menu, and desktop users enjoy a comprehensive full navigation menu. Just below, the hero image takes center stage, featuring the striking Red Urbe chair, captivating users instantly. An inviting call to action button urges users to pre-order Sit Conmigo’s exquisite chairs.

Moving forward, the chair gallery enthralls viewers against pristine white cards with rounded corners, accentuating the vibrant colors of the chairs. Behind the gallery lies a neutral-toned background that beautifully highlights Sit Conmigo’s distinctive and vibrant designs.

Recognizing the significance of fostering a personal connection with our users, I strategically positioned a concise “About” section, featuring a photograph of the visionary businesswoman, Yolanda Lopez. Her radiant smile harmonizes with a heartfelt mission statement, aiming to forge deep connections with Sit Conmigo’s users.

Lastly, we cannot underestimate the criticality of crafting an inviting and persuasive contact section that motivates users to make a purchase. To achieve this, I chose a welcoming light lime green background. To the left, the logo, mission statement, contact information, and social media links are positioned harmoniously, encouraging users to engage with Sit Conmigo across various platforms. On the right, an easy-to-use contact form awaits for those who prefer reaching out via email. And, of course, a prominent orange button serves as a visual cue, enticing users to prioritize pre-ordering, as per Yolanda’s request.

Through deliberate choices in both words and design, our aim is to deliver an unparalleled experience that leaves a lasting impression on our valued customers.

Final Design

final compcard sit conmigo by surrey web designer hyperlink web studio

During the project, I’ve recognized the utmost significance of comprehensive research and open, direct communication with my client. Understanding her competitors and seeking inspiration from retail websites that align with her company’s vision proved pivotal to effectively designing her website. Moreover, I’ve discovered that promptly implementing changes, after the initial revision with my client, keeps us on track, enables goal accomplishment, and ensures utmost efficiency in our work.


I created a stunning, one-page, responsive website for Yolanda Lopez. With seamless adaptability across mobile, tablet, and desktop, it serves as a platform to showcase her exquisite designs. Sit Conmigo remains committed to being a distinctive, ethical, and fair labour company, exuding a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and meaningful conversations. Additionally, we prioritize eco-friendly practices to contribute positively to humanitarian efforts.

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